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What to do as a calendar member?
Being on the calendar offers the following possibilities:
  • Personal calendar
  • ICS Calendar, to see your next concerts in your Outlook / Thunderbird / Google Calendar...
  • History of your concerts
  • Statistics
  • List of groups / places followed
  • Calendar of your friends
Other options are under development and will arrive on the site in the coming weeks ;)

How to add a concert to the calendar?
Adding a concert is done via the "Add" page located in the menu at the top of the site. Please check that the concert is not already on the agenda before adding it. Otherwise the staff will have to redirect it to the already existing concert ;)

How to modify a concert?
From the page of a concert, click on the link "Edit/ Add info". It is then possible to propose modifications by describing what needs to be changed, or modify the room, add the link to the ticket office, add a contest, a live report, a video of the concert...

How to edit a band?
To modify a group, you must go to the group's page from the list of groups or from a concert where he plays there, then click on the link "Edit / Add info".
It is then possible to propose changes such as the genre, the links, its logo, its date of creation or the city of origin

How to modify a place?
To modify a room, go to the page of the room from the list of places or from a concert taking place there, then click on the link "Edit / Add info".
It is then possible to propose changes such as the address of the room, its links, its logo, its date of creation or its capacity.

How do I follow up on proposed changes I've made?
The latest proposed changes can be seen on the monitor page, or, if you are registered, on the home page of your user profile.

How to highlight an event ?
  • at the top of each page of the site you can see highlight concerts, choosed by the members
  • on the page of a region or a country you can see the "ranking of members". This is defined according to the points given by the members at the concerts
  • each time a member highlight a concert by giving him points, then this concert is displayed in the carousel at the top of the site, and it goes up in the ranking of the region / country
  • A member receives points for registering on the site, as well as each day he connects to the site
  • A member receives points when he sponsors someone ('exchanges' tab of the profile)

Últimas noticias sobre el sitio web

2022-11-22 - Find My Fest - What festivals can we do next year?
New tool available on the agenda: Find My Fest!
This page allows you to find the festivals that bring together the most bands you want to see. You select the bands you want to see, and a table shows all the festivals where these bands perform. It is possible to remove the festivals which do not interest you, to add/remove bands to our search, and also to display only the festivals where at least X bands which we want to see occur.
Small bonus for members: you can reset selected bands with those you like (those entered in your profile).
So, what festivals can we do next year? ;-)

2022-11-16 - Personal Running Order
On each festival, there is a "My RO" link at the top of the event which allows you to create your own personal Running Order, by selecting the groups you want to see, and by filling in the stage and the schedules.
We have just updated this option so that we can generate an image with its own RO displaying either all the groups, or all the groups but with those we want to see in front, or only the groups we want see.
There is still work to improve the edition of the schedules, but it is progressing :)

2022-11-02 - Promotion of concerts
New option in place for a few days: highlight points! When you are connected, on each concert you can add 5 or 10 points to highlight it: display of the concert in the carousel at the top of the site, on the carousel of the concert pages, and update of the ranking of the events highlighted on the country/region pages.
And to get points? Just log on to the site! Every day you earn 10 points, and if you refer a friend to register on the site, it's 50 more points. Enough to highlight your entire calendar :)
The choice is yours: which concerts or festivals should be highlighted on the site?

2022-10-18 - Setting up this information page
More and more of you are registering and using the site. Thanks !
I created this site in 2010, and added options little by little. I realize that everything is not necessarily clear (I'm not an expert in comm' or layout), so I'll try to improve that with this page. Here you will find information on how to use the features of the site. And if there is any doubt, if something is missing, or if there is a bug, do not hesitate to send an email ;-)

I will take advantage of this page to announce the new options that will be implemented, and to give some information on the evolution of the site.

In the meantime, thank you again, and see you soon in concert or at a festival! \m/